COMINT Monitoring System


A modern COMINT system can handle thousands of parallel signals. With a reliable and intuitive management software, the increased situational awareness creates a firm base for any decision making

By combining our skills in providing world class hardware and software we are able to offer our customers an efficient solution for capturing and monitoring a vast number of channels in various operative environments and configurations.



Turn – Key

With our offering our customer gets the full capabilities in COMINT systems, including antennas, signal conditioning, receivers and signal surveillance software. Novator Solutions’ services include installation, training, spare parts and support program.

Efficient solution for capturing and monitoring a vast number of channels.

The coverage of a wideband spectrum per receiver enables manual and scheduling operations to be more efficient. Digital down conversion and demodulation of individual narrowband channels are done early in the signal process chain to let the host computers to work on analysis.

Modular architecture supporting various operative environments.

With a modular architecture, both in terms of software and hardware, each sensor site can be equipped for its purpose. Software modules can be added or deducted depending on need. Spare parts, down to components, can be shared and exchangeable between sites for more efficient support.

Modern, high performance software and hardware.

With the latest and greatest from industry leading vendors, our products are build on as much of the latest COTS products as possible. This ensure high performance and reliable source of spare parts and cost.

COMINT Receivers

Flexible operations such as tasking functions and manual control require hundreds of channels to be sufficient and give reliable information back to decision makers. HUGIN series of multichannel receivers provide the first and second step of digitalization of a modern COMINT system.

HUGIN 2000 Multichannel Receiver is best suited at bigger sensor site installations. With two high-end RF Tuners and processing capacity, of 2048 narrowband channels, it is built to serve and deliver useful information to several operators and autonomous operations.

HUGIN 200 with a small footprint serves the need of temporary or smaller sensor sites. The 4 tuners can be used for different needs covering in total 320MHz bandwidth. As output HUGIN 200 delivers in total 256 independent configurable channels over each tuner. Example of use: Tuner 1 for a direction antenna, Tuner 2 for lower VHF antenna, Tuner 3 for UHF antenna, Tuner 4 for manual operations.


We believe that capturing important radio communications requires a combination of world-class hardware and software. Combitech SANDRA is a modular, distributed and scalable narrowband radio communications monitoring /COMINT system. It provides operators with full manual control, supports tens of concurrent operators with different roles and provides tasking function for autonomous operation.

SANDRA supports wideband receivers that are able to provide hundreds or even thousands of channels from their current processing band. SANDRA provides tools for signal acquisition, recording, processing and reporting. It can act as a control software providing operators with full manual controls and on top of that offers extensive tasking function to automate routine tasks so that operators can focus on their most crucial missions.


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Hugin 200


HUGIN 200 is a FPGA-based channelizer toolkit, based on Ettus/National Instruments USRP-2955 platform with 4 x 80 MHz RF-inputs.

HUGIN 2000


HUGIN 2000 is a powerful and stable channelizer server that uses wideband receivers and digital signal processing to extract up to 1024 RF signals of interest per receiver.


Understanding our COMINT offer

Knowing or not knowing your opponents’ strength, location, capabilities, condition and intentions has always been one of the decisive factors between failure and success in the battlefield.


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