HUGIN 1005

HUGIN 1005


HUGIN 1005 is our latest wideband receiver platform meant optimized ELINT applications. The receiver has 1 to 4 IF inputs and can provide up to 2200 MHz of real time bandwidth. The high-performance receiver platform can stream real time IQ data as well as record the relevant intercepted data making it ideal for intercepting radars and satellites.

Key facts

  • 1-2 wideband IF input channels with 1000 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • 1-2 narrowband IF input channels with 2-100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • 64 real-time configurable DDCs per module
  • Up to 50 MSPS IQ output rate per DDC and 250 MSPS per module
  • Synchronization to 10 MHz reference, PTP, IRIG-b and GPS
  • Records relevant interceptions to a disk

HUGIN 1005

Our wideband receiver HUGIN 1005 is an exceptional performer for receiving and recording radio signals, like radar transmissions and satellite signals. HUGIN 1005 will enable you to extract the signal intelligence you need.


64 DDCs per Module
HUGIN 1005 provides 64 DDCs per module that can be configured in run time. Additionally, the operators can adjust the center frequency,filter, and gain of each DDC independently.

Scalable Storage
HUGIN 1005 can record the relevant IQ data to a disk. The storage disks are available either as a single slot in-chassis module or as an external RAID 2U chassis. The standard sizes of the storage modules vary from 8 TB to 96 TB depending on the form factor. Thanks to the modular form factor the storage is scalable to meet the project/mission requirements.

Integration with Existing Software
Like all our receiver platforms, HUGIN 1005 has a client application, a server application and an API that helps customers to integrate the receiver with existing software environments. Additionally, the receiver comes with a detailed interface control manual describing the 50+ commands.



Superior synchronization precision allows off-line data synchronization and analysis with time tagged data coming from other sources.This enables geolocation based on TDOA method and correlation of complementing data to gain a deeper insight of the intercepted signal.

Digital Downconverters
Increasing volume of emitters requires intercepting, storing, and streaming an increasing amount of data. Thanks to the digital downconverters “DDCs”, which are processed in real-time, only the intercepted signals of interest will be stored. Each interception is stored in a separate file incl. standard and user-defined data. This reduces the time to locate the interception of interest and the time to post process it.

Modular architecture
Thanks to the modular software & hardware architecture it is possible to adapt the receiver system to different missions without the need to buy complete new systems.



HUGIN 1005 flexible architecture enables flexible configuration of one or more wideband & narrowband IF inputs and storage tailored to project & mission requirements.

HUGIN 1005 standard configurations (Other configurations on request)


  • REPLAY-WB: Wideband IF playback output
  • RAID1-xx: In-chassis storage module 8 TB – 32 TB
  • RAID1-08R: In-chassis storage module 8 TB with removable storage
  • RAID2-xx: External RAID storage 24 TB – 96 TB in 2U chassis
  • VITA49: VITA-49 compliant data format (VITA-49.0)
  • DDC-WB: Wideband DDC, one per IF input
  • CHASS-L: 4U – Large system chassis
  • RACK-S/L: 19” rack-mount kit for small/large system chassis
  • EDUC: On-site training
  • CUSTOM: Customization of system to project requirements
  • CUSTOM-DATA: User provided real-time data.



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