Hugin 200


HUGIN 200 is Novator Solutions small footprint multichannel receiver with 4 independent 80MHz tuners sharing up to 512 individually configurable DDCs. The Server Client architecture is optimized for Strategic COMINT which requires real-time performance to continuously process and stream hundreds of individual signals in parallel to multiple remote clients & operators.

Key facts

  • Frequency range: 10MHz – 6GHz
  • 4 individual Tuners with 80Mhz instantaneous bandwidth each
  • 512 individual digital downconverters (DDC) with IQ data or 256 individual digital downconverters (DDC) with demodulated data
  • AM, FM, SSB & CW Demodulation
  • Configurable DDC parameters: Center frequency, sample rate, Gain, filter coefficients & IQ data stream or demodulation
  • Independent or networked operation with Server Client architecture
  • Multicast channel streaming to virtually unlimited remote computer


We see a continuously growing number of communication signals in the spectrum. At the same time wireless communication standards are increasingly diverse. Using conventional methods for communication surveillance and spectrum monitoring would increase the cost almost proportionally to the number of signals. New cost-efficient solutions are needed to effectively monitor the diverse communication signals and to identify RF interferers. HUGIN 200 is the cost effective yet flexible COMINT receiver solution for narrowband communication surveillance and spectrum monitoring applications.




Strategic COMINT
The most important goal in strategic COMINT is to gather as much data as possible. HUGIN 200s large amount of individually configurable DDCs, also know as digital drop receivers, give the freedom to capture as many signals as needed while keeping the cost per channel low.

Multichannel Telemetry Receiver
Applications like Aero and Industrial turbine testing have a growing need to acquire data from more and more remote sensors to ensure product up-time in mission critical applications. HUGIN 200 provides hundreds of individual channels and real-time demodulation in a single box.

Superior cost per channel
HUGIN 200 is built on COTS hardware from the leading vendor NI with which Novator Solutions has a long-term partnership. The core signal processing technology, enabling an efficient implementation of hundreds of DDCs, comes from RFEL. Thanks to both partnerships combined with Novator Solutions expertise we were able to provide a cost efficient multichannel receiver solution with superior cost per channel performance.

Additional benefits include short lead-times and a high degree of flexibility to configure the DDC channels individually thanks to the novel architecture.



Remote operation
The receiver can be operated independently with a local computer. It also supports out of the box networked operation. Networked operation is ideal when the receiver is placed in remote locations which are difficult to access. Remote operation gives a higher level of freedom to have multiple operators monitoring the signals from various locations.

Flexible tuning
Thanks to the four independent wideband tuners, each with 80MHz instantaneous bandwidth, it is possible to tune in to various regions of interest between 10MHz and 6GHz. This gives a high level of freedom for continuously listening to communication signals over a spread spectrum with a single receiver unit.

Low streaming data rates
In networked COMINT environments the amount of data can quickly become overwhelming to handle. With HUGIN 200 it is possible to optimize the streaming rate to the host computer in several steps. First, it channelizes only the signals of interest which eliminates the need to stream the entire spectrum. Second, the build-in analog demodulation blocks reduce the amount of data further. Combined it reduces the amount of data which needs to be transferred and the processing load on the computer. The result is reduced cost for the infrastructure and simplified data management.



RF Tuners:
Four individual 80MHz IBW RF Tuners, covering 10 to 6000MHz range.

Signal Processing:
Hugin 200 IQ
Extract 512 narrowband IQ-data channels out of the combined tuner bandwidth, 4x80MHz.

Hugin 200 Demodulated:
Extract 256 narrowband channels out of the combined tuner bandwidth, 4x80MHz.

Independent channel tuning:

  • Center Frequency
  • Sample Rate (Bandwidth)
  • Tuning Filter
  • Output Format: IQ or Demodulated (FM, AM, SSB and CW).

Control software:
Front Panel or as a Service application in Windows.
TCP/IP command control, open API for remote control

NC-Channel Debugging Client
Set and view channels, commands, and status log of the NC-Server, locally or remote.

NC-Audio Debugging Client
Listen in on FM and AM channels to verify application setup. Use for Hugin 200 Demodulated version.

SFP+ 10GB connectivity
SFP0 Connected to host for control and wideband spectrum streams
SFP1 Channel data UDP streams

The receivers are shipped preinstalled with default settings. The host computer, not included, need to be running Windows to support the receiver drivers and server software.

Standard Receivers:

  • Hugin-200 with GPS Timestamp
  • Hugin-200 without GPS Timestamp

Standard Shipment Package:

  • Hugin-200 Multichannel Receiver Hardware
  • Server software
  • Client (debugging purpose)
  • License(s)
  • Documentation
  • 1 year warranty, support and software upgrades.

Customized Solutions
On request we are happy to provide customized solutions. The open FPGA architecture combined with our business model help you to get the best possible recording system fulfilling your requirements while keeping the price at an affordable level.





Comint Receiver

HUGIN 4000

The state-of-the-art receiver platform for a wide range of strategic COMINT applications like monitoring, scanning and direction finding. HUGIN 4000 is built on a modular platform and based on the latest SDR technology.



A complete radio monitoring & narrowband COMINT monitoring solution scalable from laptop to nationwide installations.

Munin 1005 Wideband IF Recorder Hardware

MUNIN 1005 - IF

The latest IF wideband signal recording and monitoring solution optimized for ELINT and CommsES applications. It ensures gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IQ data for hours and days.



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