HUGIN 304DF is Novator Solutions’ tactical turnkey EW/SIGINT system for signal interception and direction finding. It provides 64 channels enabling simultaneous monitoring, listening, and recording of analog clear voice Push to Talk (PTT) communication using FM, AM or SSB modulation. HUGIN 304DF provides the signals intelligence picture together with line of bearings in one view.

Key Facts:

  • Simultaneous monitoring and recording of 64 channels
  • Automatic direction finder
  • Intuitive command-and-control software
  • 4 individual tuners with 80 MHz instantaneous bandwidth each
  • Monitoring & DF frequency coverage: 20- 520 MHz
  • Optional 150MHz – 6 GHz (Monitoring)
  • Compact & rugged design for mobile applications


HUGIN 304DF in Brief


The EW/SIGINT system is an out-of-the-box solution for operations on the move.
HUGIN 304DF is optimized for quick deployment in any vehicle platform without preparation. It comes with temporary mountable antennas, a main processing unit which can be placed in the hatchback of any vehicle, and an intuitive command-and-control software installed on a rugged laptop.



64 Monitoring & Recording Channels


HUGIN 304DF enables operators to monitor and record up to 60 clear voice interceptions and 4 digital signals simultaneously. All digital drop receivers “DDRs” can be configured in real-time. Settings like center frequency, bandwidth, demodulation and AGC mode are controlled individually per DDR.

Automatic Direction Finder


HUGIN 304DF automatically calculates & records line of bearings “LOB” of all assigned channels. The LOBs are, together with the position of the collection asset, presented on a map. By moving the asset, it is possible to geolocate target emitters. The active LOBs are displayed in a polar display and on a map.

Intuitive Command-and-Control Software


Intuitive C2 Software: The intuitive command-and-control software provides operators with a 360 degree situational awareness overview making it easy to make decisions on the spot. Operators manage the spectrum and assign the digital drop receivers (DDR) via a single laptop screen. All recorded voice channels can be played back in near real-time.

Mobile Applications


The DC powered tactical system comes in an environmental case for easy transportation. It has been designed to be used in any car or other moving collection asset that allows temporary mounting of the collection-, DF- and GPS antennas.




Comint Receiver

HUGIN 4000

The state-of-the-art receiver platform for a wide range of strategic COMINT applications like monitoring, scanning and direction finding. HUGIN 4000 is built on a modular platform and based on the latest SDR technology..



A complete radio monitoring & narrowband COMINT monitoring solution scalable from laptop to nationwide installations.

Munin 1005 Wideband IF Recorder Hardware

MUNIN 1005 - IF

The latest IF wideband signal recording and monitoring solution optimized for ELINT and CommsES applications. It ensures gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IQ data for hours and days.



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