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MUNIN 1005-IF is the latest ELINT recording and monitoring solution which ensures gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IF signals from 2MHz to 1000MHz real-time bandwidth.

Key facts

  • Gapless recording of wideband & narrowband signals
  • Instantaneous bandwidth: 500/1000MHz & 2-100MHz options
  • Real-time spectrum monitor to detect & record unknown signals
  • Never miss a signal thanks to large pre-trigger buffer
  • Remote control with MUNIN Control or any third-party application
  • Enterprise grade storage

Introduction video: MUNIN 1005-IF Wideband Recorder



The configurable platform is ideal for capturing one or more IF channels in real-time for ELINT Data Collection, DUT characterization, or setting up repeatable lab tests.

Dependent on where the carrier frequency is located you either add an RF stage in front of the IF input to use MUNIN as an IF sampling recorder or you use it as a direct RF sampling recorder by putting the correct attenuation and filter in front of it.



– Offline spectrum analysis for maximal analysis coverage

– Repeatable lab tests for shorter time-to market

– Out-of-the-box experience for quickly getting results


Offline spectrum analysis
For maximal analysis coverage

The more information and signals that need to be analyzed the more difficult it is to perform real-time spectrum analysis. Analysis is limited by the available real-time functions and processing capacity. Further, the use of real-time spectrum analyzers is often limited by the internal memory for spectrum management.

Recording all information ensures that no fundamental information is lost, and all data can be reviewed and analyzed any time with e.g. complex analysis functions which would not be fast enough for real-time analysis. Also, as new analysis algorithms become available the same data can be used repeatedly to gain new insights.


Repeatable lab tests
For shorter time-to market

Running many field-tests can not only be very expensive but cost valuable time.

Recording real-world signals in different environments allows you to perform tests in the lab. This will not only reduce cost and valuable test time but potentially increase the test coverage and thus product quality.


Out-of-the-box experience
For quickly getting results

With our flexible architecture and modular hardware approach, we can quickly provide a recorder that meets your individual needs without spending a lot of development time and validation effort.



Gapless recording. MUNIN records all channels continuously without gaps which ensures correct post-processing or replay of the recorded data.

Long recording time.  MUNIN offers standard RAID configurations from 4TB to 96TB with industrial grade SSD disks. Dependent on the channel configuration you can continuously record data from minutes over hours to days. The storage capacity can be expanded beyond 96TB.

Pre-trigger buffering. MUNIN features a circular pre-trigger buffer to capture events which happened before the trigger. Dependent on the chosen buffer option and the selected real-time bandwidth it is possible to capture pre-trigger data from a few seconds to multiple minutes.

Remote control. Thanks to the server client architecture it is the operator’s freedom of choice to configure, monitor and control MUNIN locally or remotely. For remote handling you can use the built-in client application or use direct TCP/IP commands from your own developed application.

Open file format. The generated files are saved as binary files in an open file format called TDMS that can be opened by third-party software like MATLAB® for analysis. It is possible to add user-defined metadata to the standard metadata fields. Recording directly to custom file formats are available upon request.

Timestamping.  For accurate timekeeping you can synchronize the recorder with the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver. For improved timestamp accuracy below millisecond resolution we recommend using a PPS (Pulse Per Second) signal. As standard we support NTP (Network Time Protocol) to distribute the timing information among all modules on the server and client. We can add IRIB-B support on request.

Scalable. MUNIN allows you to mix and match multiple IF inputs with various real-time bandwidths and record to a single RAID controller or multiple RAID controllers in parallel.

Playback. You can use software playback to analyze the recorded data or to characterize the DUT. By adding a signal generator, recorded data can be played back continuously in real-time. Contact us for more information about hardware playback possibilities.



Standard configurations

1-2 IF inputs with up to 100MHz real-time bandwidth and 160MHz IF Fc
1 IF input with up to 1000MHz real-time bandwidth and 1GHz IF Fc
In-chassis and rack-mount RAID storage from 4TB-96TB


Combination of one or more narrowband and wideband IF inputs
Optional PPS, GPS & RIGI-B synchronization
Increased pre-trigger buffer
Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer for narrowband inputs
Fast data offload with 2x40Gbits/s ports
Storage beyond 96TB
Portable & Rack-mount chassis alternatives

Typical specifications


Item Narrowband input Wideband input
Full-scale input range (at 10 MHz) 2,03 Vpp 1,25 Vpp
Input coupling AC AC
ADC resolution 16 bits 12 bits
ADC clock 500 MHz 2,8 GHz
SFDR 94 dBc 71 dBc
IF center frequency (default) 160 MHz 1000 MHz
Real-time bandwidth (+/-1 dB flatness) 2 MHz – 100 MHz @160Mhz cf 500/1000 MHz @1GHz cf
IQ rate 2,5 MHz – 80 MHz 700 MHz
IQ data rate to host (MB/seconds) 320 MB/s (*) 2800 MB/s
IQ data rate to host (GB/minutes) 18,75 GB/min (*) 164 GB/min
Recording time with 4 TB storage 3 h 33 min (*) 24 min
Recording time with 48 TB storage 42 h 40 min (*) 4 h 52 min
pre-trigger buffer (24GB DRAM) 60 s (*) 7 s
(*) Calculated with 80 MHz IQ rate




Hugin 200


HUGIN 200 is Novator Solutions small footprint multichannel receiver with 4 independent 80MHz tuners.



A complete radio monitoring & narrowband COMINT monitoring solution scalable from laptop to nationwide installations.

Comint Receiver

HUGIN 4000

The latest IF wideband signal recording and monitoring solution optimized for ELINT and CommsES applications. It ensures gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IQ data for hours and days.



Please fill out the contact form to receive more technical information about MUNIN wideband if recording platform, to schedule a non-binding call to discuss your requirements or to request pricing information.

Or contact us directly at:

+46 8-622 6350