Novator Solutions to show USRP-based Channelized Direction Finding Capability at NIWeek and Electronic Warfare Europe

Novator Solutions is, at NIWeek in May and at Electronic Warfare Europe in June, going to demonstrate one of the two new and updated NC-10 channelizer versions. Presented below is the USRP 2955 based direction finding (DF) example of capabilities. The demo is utilizing the USRP with four channel, 80 MHz RF-input and the ability to work with phase synchronisation.

Example above using two DF-stations (two stations providing a geo location fix)

The USRP-based NC-10 is a compact, high capability yet a low cost solution for channelization. It enables channelization of up to 512 channels at the same time, in non-DF mode. In DF mode the NC-10 supports up to 128 channels.

Channelization is Key

Channelization is key in saving just the data you want by removing noise and undesired signals from the signals of interest. This significantly increase the gathered data quality as well as reduces data volume.

Channelization explained (YouTube-link)

Enabling Direction Finding

The ability to combine DF with channelization is a winning combination and the possibilities with the USRP-platform are numerous. Direction accuracy is basically increasing with increased number of antennas. The USRP-platform enables increasing the number of RF inputs by factor of four. Three USRPs linked together equals twelve potential RF inputs and so forth. The DF functionality is enabled by the USRP phase synchronization capability which is also enabling other functionality such as beam forming.

The Market

The market for these solutions can be found in navigation, airport communications, civil security, telecom and communications intelligence (COMINT) to mention a few.

Multiple Targets

Novator Solutions NC-10 channelizers have a proven track record and the USRP-based version is going to be available for several different APIs such as Matlab, C#, .NET

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Stay tuned for more updates on the demo and the NC-10 development.

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