NIWeek 2018 is here – Meet Novator Solutions there!

Join Novator Solutions during NIWeek 2018 in Austin and visit our booth at the Aerospace and Defense pavilion where we will showcase the NC-10 USRP Channelizer, a toolkit for USRP-2955.

The NC-10 USRP Channelizer contains software as well as FPGA-bitfiles to turn the device into a powerful channelized radio, allowing users and system integrators to extract 512 GPS-timestamped signals of interest from four RF inputs and stream the extracted signals as well as the original wideband RF input via UDP.

Application Areas
Spectrum monitoring and signal analysis have many application areas, both civilian and defense. The RF spectrum is getting crowded and having the right tools to acquire and analyze the wireless environment is crucial.

Product Features

  • Channelize up to 512 channels
  • Combine narrow and wide channels at arbitrary center frequencies
  • Integrate industry-leading channelization techniques in your own application
  • Save money and reduce development time by using a ready-to-run solution
  • Leverage the easy-to-use LabVIEW API
  • No FPGA programming or LabVIEW FPGA license required

Read more about the NC-10 USRP Channelizer here.

Welcome for a live demonstration at our booth or contact us for a private meeting to discuss your projects. To make sure to have a meeting time that suits you please send a mail to: sda@novatorsolutions.

Channelizers for RF Applications

Looking forward to meeting you during NIWeek 2018 in Austin!