Join Novator Solutions at Electronic Warfare & Military Cyber Live

Novator Solutions and National instruments are exhibiting together during the Electronic Warfare show in Estonia. Together we are showing two powerful algorithms running on FPGA cards, a Channelizer and a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer.

Today’s high-performance RF instruments can acquire very wide bands of data. For most of the applications though, only parts of the spectrum are of interest and the rest is irrelevant. Processing the whole band of data would burden the CPU, network or storage device. Extracting only the interesting parts of the spectrum into channels while reducing the sample rate to the minimum required is the core of Channelization algorithm. With Novator Solutions Channelizer, we can extract thousands of channels in parallel using FPGAs. This is especially useful in COMINT applications.

On the other side, using the persistent display calculation of the RTSA algorithm, we add time as a third dimension to the spectrum. Persistence is showing how long the signal lives and is displayed using different colors, making it much easier to discover short signals, signals hidden close to strong signals and under the noise floor signals. RTSA is useful in both COMINT and ELINT applications.

Welcome to visit our booth 11 to get a showcase of the demo.

Event date: 25 – 27 September 2017
Location: Tartu Airport – Ulenurme Airport (TAY)

In the meantime, find more information here about Spectral Data Analysis by Novator Solutions.